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Calendar and news

Did you know? 

Missing just one day of school per fortnight over the 13 years of schooling means the best your child might do is equal to finishing late Term 3 of Year 11!


The P&C operates the tuckshop on a Friday morning at first break.  Would you like to volunteer some time to help out in the tuckshop on a Friday morning? Do drop in and chat to Bronnie.

Library Displays

Don’t forget to pop into our Library from time to time to see the wonderful display Mrs Nugent creates. The students are delighted and thrilled to see a fantastic large sized castle in the Library from Day One.

Classroom notice boards

Outside each classroom the teachers are displaying daily or interesting news pieces.

Parent/Teacher interviews

This year we are having a parent/teacher class information session in Week 3. At this meeting your child’s teacher shall discuss daily routines and expectations as well as the upcoming teaching and learning activities. Individual parent and teacher interviews shall be held in week 10 with a reflection of progress and the setting of new goals for term 1.

Chappy Breakfast

A free service each Monday and Thursday, weather permitting. Toast and a drink is offered for students in the forecourt area.


The monthly P&C meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. The meetings are held in the Staffroom and commence at 8:45am.


The P&C AGM will be held on Monday March 11 in the staffroom from 8:45am

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open on a Monday for approximately 30 – 45 minutes from 8:30am.

Playgrounds after school

If students are to use the playground after school has finished, their parent must be actively supervising their child from right next to the playground.

One Stop Rock Show

All students from Prep to Year 6 can attend this performance on November 7 in the Hall.  Thank you to the P&C for funding our 4 performances across the year.

Wonder of Science

Congratulations to our three teams who presented at the recent World of Science expo here at school. The students gained valuable experience in constructing their models and presenting their ideas to other school students.

Indigenous Students

Upcoming on November 19. Mrs White has organised the Goombuck bus to come and visit

Sunshine Coast Representation congratulations

Well done Elle for your recent participation in the 10-12 Years T&F carnival in Brisbane.

Day for Daniel

All students are encouraged to wear red on Friday October 25 for our Day for Daniel walk and to donate a gold coin for the Morcombe Foundation.

$75 Voluntary 

Contribution this scheme contributes to our continual improvement of each of our classroom resources. A note will be sent home shortly and thank you in anticipation of your prompt payment.

Book Club 

The P&C will again be co-ordinating Book Club this year. In late February expect the first Book Club ordering sheets to be sent home.

The Human Race Performance

All students from Year 1 to Year 6 will be attending this drama performance on February 14 in the school Hall. Thank you to the P&C for funding our 4 performances across the year.

Year 5 and Year 6 Science Excursion

As part of our science learning Year 5 and Year 6 students will visit the Queensland Science Museum and participate in two sessions.

Cross Country Training

Come along, be active and get fit. Start your training now for the District trials. 


Reading is a focus this year and we are modelling reading across all of our classrooms. Teachers, Teacher Aides and even our Admin are joining in and we are already delighted with the way our students are picking up books to read for enjoyment and pleasure. What a wonderful start our students are getting with access to such a variety of books to read at school and compliment your reading book shelves at home.